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Custom Modified Cargo Containers

Blue Container - Modified Cargo Containers
Container with Door - Modified Cargo Containers

Receive the perfect steel container for your needs. At Steele Fabrication in Oakland, California, our technicians build modified cargo containers with all the amenities. We do all of our own trucking, modifications, and sales from our yard.

Modified Cargo Containers

The knowledgeable staff at Steele Fabrication has more than 10 years of experience with shipping container modifications. From the simplest to the most elaborate project, we will do everything we can to meet your needs.

The standard custom sizes are 10' standard (8.5' tall), high cube (9.5' tall), and 24' standard (8.5 ' tall). Any other size outside of these is a pure custom.

Custom Modifications:

• Skylights
• Outlets
• Roll-up Doors
• Electrical Plugs
• Door & Roof Vents
• Security Bars (Over the
  Windows & Skylights)
• Lock Boxes
• Sheetrock™
• Breaker Boxes
• Hardwood Flooring
• Double-Pane Windows
• Office Containers That
  Consists of Full Insulation
• Lights
• AC/Heat Units
• Light Switches
• 36-Inch Man Doors
• Painting & Refurbishing
• Electrical Packages

Contact us in Oakland, California, to ensure the long-term safety of your tools and building materials with our industrial shipping containers.